Why OTW’s in-house translation team is a real bonus for clients

These days, many translation agencies don’t have in-house translators. So why does Over the Word have in-house teams, and how do these teams benefit you?

In-depth knowledge of your company and business sector: Our in-house teams get to know your company inside out, as well as the terminology you have approved and your house style. They keep detailed records of your preferences and any changes you may make to their translations, a practice that enables them to constantly improve the quality of their translations.

Team-work: Our in-house translators work in teams, meaning that problems are solved quickly and potential errors are immediately eliminated. Team members double-check each other’s work and question every choice made, thereby fine-tuning translations to your specific requirements before delivery.

Ongoing training: Over the Word invests in the continuous training of its translators. Team members attend conferences, seminars, training sessions and workshops focusing on finance, accounting, company law, contracts, insurance terminology, real estate and property sales, to name just a few.

Direct contact: If required, you can talk to the translator directly, ask for clarification or pose questions, send references and state your preferences. They’re available every day of the week to assist you. In certain cases, the translator may contact you either directly or indirectly, through your communications agency, to inquire about a term, translation preference or specific aspect of your business.

Consistency: For Performance Pack projects, when a translation is completed by one of our trusted freelancers, an in-house translator will proofread the text, making sure that the document is in keeping with our previous translations for the same client. Our in-house team is the factor that guarantees you consistency and harmonisation.

Availability: The in-house teams are given a heads-up concerning future translation projects, and set aside time in their schedules for your upcoming projects. This guarantees the availability of translators who have worked on your projects before, and who know exactly how to translate your documents in keeping with your style and terminology preferences.

Native-speaker expertise: Our French and English teams cooperate and share ideas: even though our French and English teams don’t work on the same projects, they work just around the corner from each other. This means that if the English team requires input from a French native-speaking translator, the answer they need is quick and easy to locate.